Upselling During A Sale Boosts Your Sale

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When I worked for Coach, I learned how important upselling was to boosting my sales. Upselling for Coach was an easy task because bags matched wallets and wristlets, but many times the customers did not know that so it was important to let them know. A customer would come in let’s say looking for a bag to bring to work. Well that customer does not know that she might want a wallet to go with that bag because in her mind she was just coming in to get a purse. What I would do once the customer had decided on a bag was walk them to the wallet wall.

The wallet wall was great because it was also close to wristlets and coin purses. Coach bags typically had matching wallets, wristlets, and coin purses and it was a matter of pointing this out to the customer and putting said wallet up against the bag then the customer would see the color or the fabric matched and it just looked really good together so of course the customer would decide to go with the wallet too. Where else was the customer going to get a wallet that matched so perfectly with the bag?

The other item the customer might want is shoes so I would go point out the shoes that we had. Sometimes we had scarves, hats, perfume, key fob and much more and the customer was typically impressed by these other products and decide to get some. Now the other type of upsell was asking the customer if he or she might want to shop for other people like friends and family and the customer might decide oh yes, her sister might want this beautiful purple wallet. And of course, during Christmas time or Easter or Mother’s Day, asking the customer if he or she was interested in buying presents was a must because this boosted sales.

Two things to remember to increase your sales:

  1. What other products might the customer be interested in from your store?
  2. What other special people in the customer’s life might the customer be interested in shopping for

If you just keep these two things in mind you can boost your sales too.

Check out my short movie to go along with my blog post.


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