Demonstrate Your Product


While I was working for Apple selling computers one of the most important and most basic things I would do with my customer is demonstrate the product. I would ask the customers what they are mostly going to be using their computer for and they might say something like browse the Internet and email. What I would then do is browse the Internet with the customer and pull up a site like CNN to show the customer how fast the computer could access CNN. Then I would open up Mail and show them how to use email and how easy it is to set up.

Sometimes the customer was a liberal arts student and they were going to be using their computer for typing up research papers so I would open up Microsoft Word, which was installed in the demo Macs and show them how to use Microsoft Word. If the student was a photography major student, I would open up Photoshop for them and show them some simple photo editing techniques using Photoshop. Sometimes a customer was interested in using the computer for iMovie so I would then open up iMovie and create a short movie using the sample clips in iMovie.

All of these demonstrations led to a more interested customer and sometimes a sale. It’s interesting how you can persuade a person into buying a Mac just by simply showing them what a Mac can do. Basically the demonstrations allowed them to see how fast the computers were and then allow them to visualize themselves with a Mac and creating a movie quickly with iMovie for example. Testing out your product is key because having the customer use the product literally changes their thoughts and the customer can be more easily persuaded especially if you can prove to them that the product you are selling them is superior to others out there so one must demonstrate, demonstrate, demonstrate. Stay tuned for more blog posts on sales and persuasion.

Check out my short movie that goes along with this blog post.


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