Be Excited About What You Are Selling

Casual man smiling

You must be passionate about what you’re selling in order for you to convince your customers to buy the product and trust you about what you’re saying about the product you’re selling. When I worked for Apple I sold many iPhones because I owned the product and loved it. I could tell my customers the features and why it was so great. I told my customers that the iPhone was not just a phone and I talked about all of the features it had that was useful too.

I focused on the non-phone feature with the customers because there are many phones so instead I focused on what made the iPhone different. I talked about how I used my iPhone to listen to music, watch music videos, and even watch movies and TV shows. I talked about how when I was at break at work I would often watch a movie I had rented from iTunes. I told the customer that I got to watch my favorite TV shows that I had downloaded onto my computer via iTunes and synched into my phone when I was waiting for my haircut appointment.

I also focused on the Apps. I showed customers fun apps that were on the model phones in the store that I enjoyed. I showed them fun race car games, Tetris, and much more. I also told the customers that there are apps for pretty much anything you’re interested in. You just had to search for it on the App Store. I told the customer about how I was interested in American Sign Language and that there were even apps that helped me learn American Sign Language. Of course I showed the customer how easy it was to use the Twitter and Facebook apps.

I showed the customers too how to use email on the iPhone, take notes, record your voice for note taking, the alarm, and all the important features that the iPhone had for the busy professional on the go. But notice I focused mostly on the apps that made me excited. Why is that? Well I figured if I was excited about the app, the customer might be too, but more importantly I wanted the customer to hear my excitement in my voice. Customers can tell if you’re excited about something. So yes, the phone feature, email, alarm clocks, and more were great features, but the apps were revolutionary for the iPhone because there was endless amounts of apps and games which turned the iPhone into an entertainment gadget, not just a business gadget. The iPhone was for fun for me and I wanted to convey that which helped my sales.

Next time you are selling make sure to own some of the items that you are selling so you can talk about the product like a pro and also find those neat things you wouldn’t find out about your product unless you owned it. Make sure you talk about the general features, but most importantly talk about what gets you excited about your product. Try that out and see if you boost your sales. Stay tuned for more blog posts.

Check out my short movie to go along with my blog post.


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