Color Splashed Kimonos

I took the kimono pics from the Japan layover and turned them black and white, but left the kimonos colored. I made the images for a DiligentTraveler blog post. Check out the blog post:


Here they are:

Here they all are in one image:


Check out the short video I made that explains how I made these images.

Kimonos are very beautiful. I absolutely love them. I think kimonos look even more awesome with hair combs as part of their attire. I looked up some awesome hair combs with kimonos pics online. Check it out. These images below were found online.

I absolutely love this hair comb with a kimono look! They make the outfit even more special.
Here is another very beautiful hair comb.

My great grandmother who may have been part Japanese used to put her hair up in a bun using a hair comb. It was a really cool look. I think maybe hair combs should come back into fashion. I know they are for special occasions, but they are not usually worn for informal occasions.

Really awesome Japanese hair comb.

Here’s another really cool hair comb pic.

This is a more traditional Japanese hair comb look. It looks cool, but I think this type of hair style is worn on very special occasions.

Here are some hair combs I found online.

This is a beautiful black hair comb. I kind of want to take pic of a hair comb like this and pose it with black roses as a fashion related blog post here on my blog.
Here’s a really cool blue rose comb. This one I like even more than the black one. I think this would be cool with blue roses in the pic.
Hair combs can be very ornate so I think maybe they could be considered jewelry in a way. These ones kind of look like brooches almost.
This type of hair comb looks like a piece of jewelry definitely.

Another really cool looking hair comb.

Wow! Very pretty hair comb. I absolutely love this! Hair combs nowadays can be seen during weddings. They are typically worn by brides.

In the past, I think Japanese women mostly wore hair combs that were very ornate during wedding ceremonies.

Wow! Love these hair combs. These ones may have been worn during weddings.

Here’s another beautiful type of wedding hair piece. It is called a headband, but it is a Boho headband and goes around the top part of the head. This is not a Japanese type of hair piece, but I also ran into this on Etsy while I was browsing.