What To Blog About?


There are many types of blogs you can create. I have a few blogs that I have made using WordPress. I have this blog that is mainly for posts that are about my graphic design and photography portfolio pieces and how to blog tutorials. I have another blog that is a travel blog called DiligentTraveler and I also created two new blogs that focus on teaching how to speak Cebuano and Tagalog.

If you are just starting out and don’t have a niche you would like to blog about I would suggest you make a list of your most interesting niches and then go with the niche you are most passionate about. For those who live in the Philippines, I suggest a travel blog like DiligentTraveler because the Philippines has many tourist attractions. For those of you who are fanatics about the native language that you speak and have a wide range of audience that might be interested in learning your language I suggest you create a blog that teaches your audience your native language like my learn how to speak Cebuano and Tagalog blogs.

From what I have seen my travel blog DiligentTraveler has more views than my learn how to speak Cebuano and Tagalog blogs. I have observed that many people are interested in learning about travel destinations like Davao City, the accommodations available in the city, and places to eat. I have discovered that more people are interested in the traveling to Davao City aspect, but not really interested in learning the language because many tourists know that English is a widely spoken in Davao City. Tourists also may not have the time to learn Cebuano or Tagalog before they travel to Davao City or they might be finding that Cebuano and Tagalog are complicated dialects.

If you are a cooking enthusiast you may want to create a blog that focuses on teaching how to cook. There are many blogs that teach how to cook that are very popular. I have seen many successful learn how to cook Filipino food blogs like Panlasang Pinoy. Another factor you may also want to consider is whether you would like to make money off of your blog or not. If you are interested in making blogging a living make sure to choose a niche that has a wide range of audience. Blogs focused on cooking do get many views, but I would also contemplate on whether the food recipes you are writing about are popular dishes. For example, there might be a larger audience for Italian foods and French foods recipes than Filipino food recipes. If do you plan to focus on Filipino dishes make sure you are writing about popular Filipino dishes like Caldereta and Chicken Adobo and perhaps not so much the rare foods that many foreigners will not eat like Dinuguan which is a dish that consists of goat meat and the blood of a goat.

I hope this was helpful for you. Let me know what type of blog you are planning to create and message me if you need help.

Check my short video about what to blog about:


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