The Differences Between Posts and Pages


A blog post is where you put in your story and you update all of the time. You can have many many blog posts. Pages are static and don’t really change often. Pages are for things like contact me information, about me page, and things like that. Pages are reserved for things that you want your reader to be able to access easily and quickly.


Here is what I have in my pages. I have a Contact page that contains my email. I have an about page that contains information about who I am. I have a how to blog page with a link on how to quickly access my blogging lessons.


My contact page is there right on the top bar and so if my reader wants to contact me they can just click on the contact button and low and behold my email.


The about page in blog talks about my past educational experiences and past jobs. My blog was created to be a portfolio blog and was something I would give out to my potential bosses. Having this page allows possible future employers to learn about who I am quickly and my credentials.


This is an example of a blog post. I created a post about a game I wanted to create that would teach my readers how to speak Cebuano. I have creates many posts and so you have to scroll down my page to see all of them or you can access them by the categories that they are listed under. For example, this post is categorized as Education. You can click on the Education category and see other posts like it that are about teaching games.

I hope this post was helpful for you and I will go into more detail about categories in a future post. I have a category called How to Blog which can be accessed via this link: You can click on that link to access all the posts on how to blog. Enjoy!



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