The Difference Between Color Splash and Colorize


I colorized a photo of my friend Breanna.

Colorizing is taking a black and white image and applying color to it. You select color places you would like to add color to and then add color to it by filling the area. You can also use your brush tool to add color. Here is an example of a colorized photo I made. This is a photo of Breanna Pogue my manager in the US. The image is a picture I did not take. I saw it on Breanna’s Facebook and I asked her if I could add color to it. She said yes so I dragged the image onto my desktop. The color was black and white to begin with and was a low resolution, but never the less it was a great photo to work with.

I selected her eyes and filled them with the color blue and adjusted the opacity so it blended in with the image. I also selected her hair and added the color yellow then changed the opacity.

This is below was colorized. This is a photograph of the restaurant in Radisson Narita. The restaurant photo was taken with my iPod Touch. The image is in color so I took the image and turned it black and white by desaturating it. Using the colored image version of the restaurant, I selected the sculpture and then copied and pasted in place right on top of the black and white restaurant image and viola, there you have it a color splashed image.


There are other ways to colorize or color splash. What I learned in school was to select and do masking which is actually a better way to do it because you can mask an area and have it show through. The great thing about masking is you can edit your mask using a brush tool to either show more of the image or to delete an area from showing because your entire image is preserved. If you use my technique and let’s say you made an error in selecting the sculpture and left out an area, you can’t just simply use the brush tool to fix the problem, you have to reselect it with the pen tool.

You can do either way. I like to use my way because it is easier for me and it’s also easier to explain. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Let me know if you have any questions by commenting on the blog post.

Here are more examples of my colorized images below!




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