Reading Other Blogs For Inspiration


A great way to improve in blogging is by reading other blogs. I have been reading for years and it’s a really great blog. I learn about famous typographers, new fonts, typographical history, typographical terms and so on. Basically I go there to get inspired about graphic design and to learn new things. It’s a one stop place.


I have also been reading and been watching Migrationology Youtube videos. It’s a great place to learn about food and travel and it’s just awesome. The blog has great images of food and it’s just a great place to go to if you’re a foodie.

When you visit other blogs you can see what things make the blog so successful and you can try to take those lessons and apply them into your blog. For example, I learned from the importance of images. Without images you won’t be able to properly explain your blog post. You have to use images to illustrate what you’re talking about. definitely needs images because lots of the foods are food you may not be familiar with and simply writing about it will not help your reader visualize the food. Also videos are a great addition for Migrationology blog posts because you need to see how the person who is eating the food and the person reacts to how delicious the food is.

With both blogs I learned about the use of key terms and then defining the terms. I like learning about new typographical terms I did not learn in school and I feel so much smarter knowing them now. Most importantly if I decide to go into graphic design, I can explain to my boss that the serifs are too distracting. Perhaps a slab serif is not the best choice. With Migrationology, I have learned many new names for fruits, vegetables, types of dishes and much more. In the future if I go to Indonesia for example, I can know what foods to order and that you can also purchase something called Bread Fruit deep fried and that I need a sambal chili sauce.


As a blogger, it’s definitely great to see what other people are blogging about and take the best aspects of their blogs and apply them to yours. Stay tuned for more blogging tips! I hope you are finding them helpful!


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