How To Blog Simplified Version

Written By: Marie Therese Lawlor


An example of a good blog post.

Visit my blog post on Diligent Traveler to see a good example of a good blog post:

Topic: First find a topic that you are passionate about.  Make sure that the topic is specific and not to broad.

Length: The length of the blogpost will vary.  It depends on what you are writing about.  The important thing is to make sure that it is not too long because the audience might find it tiresome to read your blogpost.  It is important to include details, but not too much details.

Voice: When writing a post make sure to have a voice that addresses the reader.  You can write as if you are writing to a friend.  This type of writing is more personal and grabs the reader’s attention.

Images: Photographs are a great addition to your blogpost.  It adds interest and information.  Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words.


Check out the images on my blog post.

Video: Videos are even more attention grabbing than images.  Videos can convey information, make the audience laugh or cry and of course keeps the audience’s attention.


I posted videos on my blog post.

How to blog example:

Take a look at my blog post titled Traveling Is Not About the Destination

Topic: Travel
Travel is a topic I am passionate about.  I love traveling and afterwards sharing the stories about my travels as well as sharing photos and videos. This blogpost is about my journey to the Philippines and being stuck in Tokyo, Japan because of a flight delay. It is a specific topic and it is not too broad.

The Length: The length of my blogpost is a few paragraphs long and gives information and details, but it is not too long that it tires the reader out.

Voice: When I am writing I imagine I am talking to JunJun.  He is my fiance, but first and foremost he is my bestfriend.  Ths type of method works because it eases me and keeps me from being too detailed. I never want to bore JunJun.

Images: I have posted a few images that apply to my blogpost and more specifically the paragraph it is under.  I have also added captions under the images that gives the reader extra information.

Video: I have added a video I took with my iPodtouch of a woman doing some acrobatics in the airport.  The video lets the reader see a new side of Japan.

Here is another example of a video I created about my trip to Japan:

Here is the third video I have on my blog post and it is a video of me talking about my trip to Japan on Photobooth:


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