Filipino Farm


Farmville 2 is one of my favorite games.  It is an easy game, but it is fun and you do learn things about farming like the different crops there are to plant.  For example, I did not know what an Indian Lotus was until I played FarmVille 2 and saw it was one of the crops I could plant.

Currently, I am designing a Cebuano lesson plan and would like to include games.  I have decided to design a game that would be similar to FarmVille 2.  The only difference between FarmVille 2 and my game is that the students plant Filipino crops, fruits, trees, and flowers.


The Filipino Farm game I am designing will not only teach the Filipino students about the different plants there are in the Philippines, but also the Filipino names for the plants.  For example, jackfruit in the Philippines is called langka and squashes are called calabasa.  When teaching students about a language like Cebuano it is important the students know the different plants there are in the Philippines because lots of plants that are popular in the Philippines are not popular in America.  For example, if the students go to the Philippines they will not know what a rambutan is unless it is taught to them because typically there are no rambutan being sold in American grocery stores.

Check out my video about Filipino Farm:


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